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Victoria Costello: Addiction Causes: Understanding Self Medication And How I Lost My Sister To Substance Abuse

In light of the continuing controversy surrounding Whitney Houston's death, here is a look at the science behind the central and often misunderstood concept of self-medication in addiction and recovery. My interest in this is personal. My sister Rita died of a multiple drug cocktail…


Q&A: Addicted to pills and alcohol..this was posted to a blog by another sister and I thought I would repost it?

I need some advice cause iam at my wits end.I have a sister.Slowly she is killing herself.Now people are going to tell me .Put her in treatment etc…Well she has done it all treatment, Jail.Dry out centers but nothing works.My sister drinks but she takes…


I wish to do an alcohol intervention for my sister. Would this be a good idea?

My sister is an alcoholic. She has been that way for years. I never really got to pinpoint what started her being so. Lately, she has shown regret for her actions. I think that if I do an intervention, I might eventually get her to…


My sister has dual diagnosis. Are there any treatment centers for this in Pearl City, Hawaii?

Aside from having a case of depression, my sister’s addicted to alcohol as well. We want to get her treated. How will we be able to find a treatment center that’s adept at handling patients with dual diagnosis? Give your answer to this question below!


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