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Victoria Costello: Addiction Causes: Understanding Self Medication And How I Lost My Sister To Substance Abuse

In light of the continuing controversy surrounding Whitney Houston's death, here is a look at the science behind the central and often misunderstood concept of self-medication in addiction and recovery. My interest in this is personal. My sister Rita died of a multiple drug cocktail…


what if he turns his self in what could happen to him for failure to appear for sentencing on dui-or dwi?

he was ares ted in 2002 for dui plead guilty to dwi and instead of going to the sentencing hearing he went to the hospital for treatment alcohol but what if this is his second in two years then what and what if he is…


how can i teach a group of alcohol and drug abusere to talk to their children about self respect and self este

i am -counselor,in a drug resource treatment program. i want to teach the parents to know how to teach their children to have self respect ans self esteem, I am a student in psychology and I am doing my internship at this filcilty and i…


Self, study see need for stronger mental health system

Self, study see need for stronger mental health system Collin County was ranked as one of the top places to live for health factors and outcomes at the beginning of 2010. One area, however, has failed to keep up with that growth: mental health care.…


SELF Enhancement for Life Foundation Facility Tour

SELF is a non-stock, non-government organization dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of individuals suffering from drug and alcohol abuse, and other related disorders. Since its inception in 1992, it has provided residential treatment services to hundreds of troubled men and women of varied ages.…


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