Bucks prison trying therapeutic community

Bucks County prison inmates struggling with drug and alcohol addiction now have more shoulders to lean on. alcohol and addiction news

Minister opens expanded prison drug treatment unit

Corrections Minister Anne Tolley has officially opened the expandeddrug and alcohol treatment unit at Hawke’s Bay Prison, aspart of the Government’s target of reducing reoffending by 25per cent by 2017. A new intensive addiction programme for low security segregatedprisoners will see an extra 120 offenders receive treatment eachyear at the prison. Across the country, 33,100 [...]

East Texas prison fighting drug, alcohol addiction

The East Texas Treatment Facility and Prison in Henderson is the largest Drug and Alcohol Addiction treatment facility for multiple offenders in the state of Texas.  alcohol and addiction news

Staff members win High 5 for work with prison inmates

Every year hundreds of inmates at the Utah State Prison overcome a personal battle with drug and alcohol addiction by participating in the Con-Quest program. alcohol and addiction news

Does it make more sense to put CHEMICALLY ADDICTED people in PRISON for POSSESSION or in REHAB?

Addiction is an illness. Narcotics abuse is an illness. Logically, the purchasing, possession and abuse of a drug by an addict is as much of a health concern as it is a legal one. Narcotics abuse is undoubtedly a more emotionally complicated crime than other nonviolent offenses such as theft and vandalism, but early attempts [...]

Prison Break actor Garrison special treatment?

Is this actor receiving special treatment. Found to be over the limit for alcohol and on drugs with minors in the car under his care. One boy dies. He’s not in jail? Whats up with that. Anyone else would have been sitting in jail or out on bail until trial. What do you think? Answer [...]

ComALERT: a bridge between prison & the community

Please turn the volume up all the way when viewing this video. There is a sound issue. Thank you! The ComALERT (Community and Law Enforcement Resources Together) program was created in 1999 by District Attorney Charles J. Hynes to act as a bridge between prison and the community for parolees returning to Brooklyn. ComALERT assists [...]

Millionaire murderer du Pont, 72, dies in prison

Millionaire murderer du Pont, 72, dies in prison John E. du Pont, 72, the multimillionaire sports patron who killed an Olympic wrestler in 1996, died in prison Thursday morning. Read more on Philly.com Jury convicts Smart kidnapper, rejects insanity SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A jury found a rambling street preacher guilty Friday of the [...]

Venables fell into drugs after prison

Jon Venables fell into drug addiction and alcohol abuse after he was released from prison. alcohol and addiction news

Drug crimes net man up to 3 years in state prison

Time in jail gave him time to think about his life and his future, Brian Cunningham told the Lancaster County judge on Monday.Instead of drinking alcohol, popping pills and smoking marijuana, Cunningham said, he now wants to spend time with his children.”That’s not me no more,” Cunningham said, … alcohol and addiction news