poison oak treatment with rubbing alcohol?

i contracted poison oak exactly a week ago to this day. it spread to my face, arms, neck, hips, and thighs. i saw my doctor he gave me a coricosteriod shot and the inflammation cleared on my face and neck as well as the rash. the rash still remains on my arms and seems to have spread to my fingers. i bought a bottle of rubbing alcohol and i have been applying this liberally to my skin. is this safe? will it work? thanks for your input and suggestions..anything helps

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  1. Says Me Street says:

    bleach works better

  2. i realy dont know but wat i could tell you is to take oatmell baths it worked for one of my rashes

  3. sillygoose says:

    No, it will irritate it even worse. and it will dry out your skin

  4. I would assume it would help since it will possibly dry it up.

    Have you trued Ivy Dry or Calamine lotion?

    Have you tried not scratching it?

    Try Aveeno baths and make a paste out of the Aveeno and apply it to the irritated areas.

  5. funny I ‘ve poison oak too, now over a week,finally saw the doctor and got a prescription of prednisone and been washing all my bedding,clothes,pet,etc… The alcohol is good for cleaning the stuff you touch(door knob, light switch,steering wheel,telephone,etc.), so you will not re-infect yourself with poison oak again and again, unfortunately, it takes at least 2-3 weeks before it goes away…
    Last time I had a real bad rash, went to ER and was told it was ok to dab a mixture of bleach and water to dry up the rash and he also gave me those steroid pills, which took another week to go away, eventhough it was already 2 1/2 weeks.. It just bad stuff..
    The best thing to do, in the future, is, if you are anywhere near poison oaks, right after you go home,wash all clothing,bathe with technu for the next 2 days, which was my fault, to forget and that is why I got poison oak again, it has been yrs…

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