How long before and after taking antibiotics do you have to wait to consume alcohol?

I drank before I took antibiotics and I wanted to know if that would effect the treatment and also how long do you have to wait after taking antibiotics to drink

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  1. migraineur says:

    Do Alcohol and Antibiotics Mix?
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    Q: Does drinking while taking antibiotics lessen the effect of the medication? — Anonymous

    A: A widespread myth holds that you shouldn’t drink alcohol while taking antibiotics, but in fact, drinking doesn’t lessen the effects of the drugs. However, alcohol can lower your general energy and delay your recovery so it is best to minimize drinking until you’ve finished the prescribed course of antibiotic treatment. (Beyond that, chronic liver damage from excessive alcohol consumption can affect the metabolism and toxicity of antibiotics.)

  2. MiaDiva27 says:

    it should be on the bottle or the instructions that came with the medicine.

  3. Some antibiotics do not lose their potency with alcohol use. Especially the newer ones. Call your pharmacy & ask them if the antibiotic you are using is one of those not affected by alchohol. You’d be surprised how many antibiotics you can use & imbibe @ the same time. And believe me, he is ‘obligated’ to tell you.

  4. jsimpkinsv2002 says:

    Antibiotics and alcohol are a highly lethal combination.You really shouldn’t drink alcohol before or after you take antibiotics;yes,this will affect the treatment.

  5. Alcohol has absolutely no effect on the following antibiotices: penicillin, amixicillin, augmentin, clindamycin, keflex, and almost all others. Anyone that tells you otherwise is referencing an old wives tale they heard third hand fifteen years ago. I work for a doctor who prescibes ABTs on a regular basis. Alcohol is nothing to worry about. Antibiotics do negate oral contraceptives, though.

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