Does rubbing alcohol kill scabies?

I had scabies over a month now and posted another question a while back on scabies and i still have them for some reason i had 6 treatments already from the stuff 3 of the 5% and 10% and when i found out my friend told me that rubbing alcohol kills scabies but im not talking about on my skin i mean like if i spray a desk that i recently touch does that alcohol kill the mites on the desk someone please help me im getting sick and tired of this stuff on me

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  1. TweetyBird says:

    I’ve never known isopropyl alcohol to resolve a scabies infection on a person. You’ve mentioned treatments. What was it you used? There’s no OTC that treats it. And if everyone in your household and if your environment are not treated concurrently, you will be reinfected. There’s no permethrin 10% available for human use. What did you use???

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