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Alcohol Intake Peaks at Age 25, But Continues into Old Age

Men generally drink more alcohol than women, but the genders go through similar changes in their drinking habits over their lifetimes, a new study on people in the United Kingdom finds. Both men and women in the study reported a sharp uptick in alcohol intake during adolescence that peaked in early adulthood, plateaued in midlife and then declined into older age. But the researchers also found …
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Lecturers share stories of addiction in hopes of helping others | News

Addiction isn't a habit — it’s a disease. Dr. Kip Winger, former UT Emergency Room Medical Director, and Webster Bailey from Cornerstone of Recovery, addressed several UT students Tuesday about the effects of drug and alcohol abuse and the stages in which addictive behavior presents itself. The event was …
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Tobacco use may double risk of alcohol dependency

London, Feb 26 (IANS) People who use snus, a moist powder tobacco product, run twice the risk of developing alcohol dependency as compared with non-users. This suggests that nicotine dependency in any form could lead to alcohol addiction, says a new study. "This is the first time research has succeeded in showing that middle-aged people, who use snus run an increased risk of developing alcohol …
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Alcohol a major cause of cancer: study

New research points to alcohol as being a major cause of cancers, especially in women.
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Why have we fallen out of love with booze?

A new survey shows a rise in the number of teetotallers across the country, with young people in particular deciding to shun booze. Is it just a blip or the shape of things to come, asks Theo Merz
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